This week-World Cup Semi Final and Race Night

I’m sure we dont have to mention the World Cup Semi finals this week !

Wedneday 11th July  – Doors open 6.30 PM

£3 pounds a ticket for a burger and a pint *

The countrys biggest game for 28 years and you can see England in comfort on the Legion big screen !








* £3 offer is not compulsory for members.


Saturday 14th July @ 8pm PB hosts the final Race Night fundraiser

of 2018 and its for the British Legion UK.

Andrew Hawes and Mike Guy are doing are a 5 day Survival Challenge where they get dropped off on a secluded beach and will have to fend for themselves totally . The lads taking the challenge have to raise a minimum of £550 each. Both have supported our race nights here with friends hence the approach to us for help and we are more than happy to get involved.
This is Molesey’s chance to do our little bit to help them raise more funds for a great cause.

100% of the money raised by these lads goes to The British Legion, who will be using it toprovide emotional, financial and rehabilitation for ex forces members and their families………If you want to try it, applications are open for the 2019 challenge at both web addresses.

For further information, get in touch on 0333 011 4500 or email